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Reserve Studies

Our reserve study report will provide your association with all the necessary costs, life expectancies and funding recommendations.

Reserve studies


  • Identify all qualifying assets
  • Establish replacement costs
  • Determine useful lives
  • Project remaining lives
  • Compute funding requirements.
  • Provide a summary of findings and recommendations
  • Charts & graphs
  • Color photographs

Insurance Appraisal


Our insurance appraisal report will prove your association with accurate replacement cost values for insurance coverage decisions.


Insurance Appraisal Report


  • Identifies each building and all insurable site improvement assets
  • Current flood and hazard insurance values
  • Square footages
  • Construction profiles
  • Color photographs


Group Study Report

Save money when your association has a Reserve Study and an Insurance Appraisal done together at the same time. This is what we refer to as a "group study".  By making one inspection trip to your site and cross utilizing the information collected, we can save time and pass that savings onto you.  Our group study proposal will provide your association with a discount on both services.


Reserve Study & Insurance Appraisal Update Reports

For existing clients we offer an update service that will keep your report data current and accurate for years to come.  Most updates fees range from $300 - $2,000 and can be done in a matter of weeks.  If you are an existing client please contact us to find out more about how our update service can benefit your association.


   "We would like to thank you very much for the help you have given us in straightening out our reserve accounts.  The Board of Directors certainly appreciated this office getting in touch with you and working with you all the way, to get this account up to par with State requirements  I will certainly recommend you, especially to all our neighboring condominiums.  Again, thank you for all you have done."

Dice Z., Property Manager